Department of Fluid Mechanics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Subject code Subject name
BMEGEÁT4A01 Bioreactors
BMEGEÁT4A08 Fluid Mechanics I. (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A09 Fluid Mechanics II. (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A13 Acoustics I. (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A14 Computational Fluid Dynamics (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A15 Environmental Technology II. (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A16 Fluid Mechanics Measurement Techniques (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A17 Gas Dynamics (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A18 Gas Filtration
BMEGEÁT4A19 Vehicle Aerodynamics
BMEGEÁT4A20 Noise Protection
BMEGEÁT4A21 Turbomachinery (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A24 Acoustics II. (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A32 Environmental Technology I. (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A33 Turbulence and Its Modelling (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A34 Large Eddy Simulation (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A35 Post Processing of Flow Fields (PhD)
BMEGEÁT4A36 Modelling of Turbulent Flows (PhD)
BMEGEÁTAF11 Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTAGT1 Engineering Basics of Environmental Protection
BMEGEÁTAK01 Material and Energy Management
BMEGEÁTAK02 Basics of Environmental Protection
BMEGEÁTAK03 Membrane Technology and Its Industrial Applications
BMEGEÁTAKM1 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTBE11 Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTBG03 Computational fluid dynamics
BMEGEÁTBG04 Air Pollution Control, Wastewater and Solid Wastes Management
BMEGEÁTBG05 Technical acoustics and noise control
BMEGEÁTBG11 Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTBG15 Technical Acoustics and Noise Control
BMEGEÁTBG26 Computational fluid dynamics
BMEGEÁTBG36 Computational Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTBKSD Final project
BMEGEÁTBKSZ Summer internship
BMEGEÁTBM04 Computational fluid dynamics
BMEGEÁTBM11 Fluid mechanics
BMEGEÁTBM21 Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTBT11 Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTBV16 Industrial noise control and noise mapping
BMEGEÁTBV25 Vehicle aerodynamics
BMEGEÁTDIO1 Teaching Activity 1.
BMEGEÁTDIO2 Teaching Activity 2.
BMEGEÁTDIO3 Teaching Activity 3.
BMEGEÁTDIO4 Teaching Activity 4.
BMEGEÁTDIO5 Teaching Activity 5.
BMEGEÁTDIO6 Teaching Activity 6.
BMEGEÁTDIO7 Teaching Activity 7.
BMEGEÁTDIO8 Teaching Activity 8.
BMEGEÁTDKU1 Individual Research 1.
BMEGEÁTDKU2 Individual Research 2.
BMEGEÁTDKU3 Individual Research 3.
BMEGEÁTDKU4 Individual Research 4.
BMEGEÁTDKU5 Individual Research 5.
BMEGEÁTDKU6 Individual Research 6.
BMEGEÁTDKU7 Individual Research 7.
BMEGEÁTDKU8 Individual Research 8.
BMEGEÁTDPU1 Publication Activity I.
BMEGEÁTDPU2 Publication Activity II.
BMEGEÁTDPU3 Publication Activity III.
BMEGEÁTDPU4 Publication Activity IV.
BMEGEÁTMKK1 Technical Acoustics and Noise Control
BMEGEÁTMKK2 Numerical Modelling of Fluid Flows in Environmental Technology
BMEGEÁTMKK3 Technical Acoustics and Noise Control
BMEGEÁTMKK4 Numerical Modelling of Fluid Flows in Environmental Technology
BMEGEÁTMKM1 MSc Thesis Project I.
BMEGEÁTMKM2 MSc Thesis Project II.
BMEGEÁTMR01 Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNG01 Thermo Dynamics and Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNG05 Fluid Mechanics Measurements
BMEGEÁTNG21 Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNG22 Aero-Elasticity
BMEGEÁTNG27 Multiphase and Reactive Flow Modelling
BMEGEÁTNG28 Gas Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNG30 Vehicle Aerodynamics
BMEGEÁTNG36 Building and Environmental Aerodynamics
BMEGEÁTNG39 Laser-Optical Flow Measurements
BMEGEÁTNKDA Master Thesis Project A
BMEGEÁTNKDB Master Thesis Project B
BMEGEÁTNKPR Teamwork Project
BMEGEÁTNW01 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
BMEGEÁTNW02 Computational Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNW03 Fluid Mechanics Measurements
BMEGEÁTNW08 Building and Environmental Aerodynamics
BMEGEÁTNW10 Advanced Technical Acoustics and Measurement Techniques
BMEGEÁTNW11 Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNW19 Vehicle Aerodynamics
BMEGEÁTNW21 Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics
BMEGEÁTNW22 Aero-Elasticity
BMEGEÁTNW27 Multiphase and Reactive Flow Modelling
BMEGEÁTOF01 Individual Project
BMEGEÁTTR14 Meteorology and Navigation
BMEGEÁTTR31 Meteorology
BMEGEÁTTR41 General Navigation